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Currently Active Nets

Net Name Frequency Mode Server Name Start Time - UTC Elapsed Time
160 meter net on 19001900hzSSBNETLOGGER2017-10-18 23:57:3100:05:29
Maine Potato Net3958SSBNETLOGGER2017-10-18 22:55:4301:07:17
MOONLIGHTERS7.279SSBNETLOGGER2017-10-18 23:10:3200:52:28
NATA 40m Net7.185SSBNETLOGGER2017-10-18 22:04:4701:58:13
ROC City Net3.826SSBNETLOGGER2017-10-18 23:33:4700:29:13
3905 40m SSB Early Net7.2675SSBNETLOGGER32017-10-18 23:47:5800:15:02

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